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1 - 英语的自我介绍可以从兴趣爱好、生活、工作、别人眼中的我,这4个方面来介绍.兴趣爱好Hobby兴趣爱好My hobby/interest is+动词-ing. (我的兴趣是…)My hobby is listening to music.我的兴趣是听音乐.daily habitTaking a walk is my daily

Introduce myself,and talk about my are five people in my family :my parents,my grandma, my sister and parents care about all want me to healthy and think my mother is the most

哈罗,大家好!我的名字是 Winnie . 我是一个 15 岁女孩. 我生活在美丽的(Rizhao)市中.我是一个活跃、可爱和聪明的女孩. 在学校中 , 我的喜欢的科目是数学. 也许有人认为学好它很困难. 但是我喜欢它. 我相信(你拼错了,是believe)如果你尽力了 , 每件事物能完成了得很好.我也同样很喜欢运动.比如,赛跑,排球,等等. 我是热心肠的人. 如果你需要帮忙 ,请告诉我.(这句不太确定)我希望我们能成为好朋友!好.这是我.一个阳光充足的女孩.有哪句不懂可以追问 谢谢

We haven't all met before. So I want to introduce myself. My name is Wang Hong Yue. I'm fourteen. My hobby is reading . I think“A good book is a good friend”. I learn a lot of with book. I like a subject best. The subject is English. Do you know

First,it is really a good honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself.I hope i can make a good performance taday. Now I will introduce myself briefly,My name is(姓名),(家乡)is my hometown,and I graduated from (毕业院校)in(


Do you want to know me? Now let me introduct myself to you. I am a pupil, I have a happy family. Everyone loves me and I love them very much,too. I spend my most time on

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