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so As to Do sth造句

他们应该面对他们的弱点以便于做某事…… they should face their weak points so as to do sth

I have to get up early so as to catch the bus to the school.

1.He study hard so as to get high mark.2.Would you be so kind as cary the box for me?

so as to 为了以便所以so as to do sth 就是为了做某事 以便做某事

he is not so stupid as to do that.i got up so early as to be in time.he was so kind as to tell me the way.she went so far as to call me a liarso as toin order to: mail your package early so as to ensure its timely arrival

so as to do 是为了做…(引导目的状语从句) so …as to do sth做什么事是如此…这里是由 as引导条件状语从句


I do my homework so as to kill time.


. 为了 smooth away 摆脱、去除so as to do 为了……So far as I know/see,… 据我所知,……mszheng2006.bokee.com - 相关搜索

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