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1. respect做名词的常用短语:give one's respects to 向致候 have respect for 尊敬[重], 重视 have respect to 牵 涉到, 关系到 注意到, 考虑到 in all respects (=in every respect) 无论在哪方面[哪一点]来看, 在各方面 in many respects 在许多方

respect[ris'pekt] n. 尊敬[重][pl. ]敬意, 问候重视, 关心, 考虑着眼点, 方面歧视Show respect to those who are older. 尊敬长者. We must pay respect to the needs of the general reader . 我们必须关心一般读者的需要. I think you are wrong in

respect n.(与of, for连用)尊敬;尊重 to show respect to those who are older 尊敬长者 The students have great respect for their history teacher.学生们非常尊敬他们的历史老师.关心;注意 to pay (have) respect to 关心(pl) 敬意;问候 Give my

respect [r'spekt] n. 尊敬,尊重;方面;敬意 vt. 尊敬,尊重;遵守 No one can rival him in this respect. 在这方面没有人能比得上他.All students should respect their teachers. 凡是学生就应当尊敬老师.The man jammed out his cigarette to show his respect for the lady. 那个男人拈灭了香烟以显示他对该女士的尊敬.No one could rival him in this respect. 这方面无人能与他匹敌.

做动词时:respect sb. (for sth.) 尊重某人(因为..) respect sth. 遵守(比如法律,规则之类的) 做名词时:show/have respect for sb. 尊敬某人 give one's respects to sb. 问候某人 in the respect 在某方面

respect for sb是向某人通过行动表达respect respect to sb是对某人心存respect,但不一定通过行动表达了 to 后面跟人.事物.或事件 for 后面跟 尊敬的原因.希望能够帮到你~~~~~~~~


例句与用法: 1. If they had any respect for human life they wouldn't do such terrible things. 他们如果还顾及人的生命就不会做出这样可怕的事来. 2. I deeply respect her courage. 我深深敬佩她的勇气. 3. He commands the respect of all who know

牛津双解词典上对aspect作“方面”解时,英文解释是“particular part or feature of sth being considered” 而同一意思respect写作“方面;着眼点”,英文解释是“particular aspect or detail” 看到了吧,是用aspect直接来解释respect,我仔细看了几遍例句,我理解两词意思有相同的部分,有时可以互用,但respect比aspect似乎更具体,在某些小方面上常用respect


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