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keep silent 保持安静的意思

fairly的形容词是fair 近义词:properly meetly comparatively reasonably

pretty-形容词漂亮beautiful, pretty, handsome, cute, splendid, brilliant美丽beautiful, pretty美beautiful, pretty, good俏pretty, smart, handsome姿色pretty, good-looking秀丽beautiful, pretty, handsome姣pretty, cunning俊handsome, pretty丽beautiful,

同义词转换 1. i like a green sweater i like a sweater in green. 2. how much is this t-shirt? what is the price of this t-shirt? 3.i am just a student. i am merely a student. 4.i buy it at a good price. i buy it reasonably. 5.these are my shoes these shose are mine.

Quiet quiet美音:['kwa?t]英音:['kwai?t] quiet的中文翻译 反义词:loud:大声地,喧吵的

react reasonably合理的反应reasonably英 [ri:znbli] 美 [rizn:bl] adv.合理地; 明辨道理地; 有理性地; 相当地形近词: seasonably seasonable reasonable

occupiers ' liability 占有人责任In England and Wales, you owe visitors a duty under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 to take reasonable care to ensure that they are reasonably safe在英格兰和威尔士,你欠游客责任1984者责任法下采取合理的护理是确保它们安全合理

be credited with 把归功于;认为(有某种成就)

unlikely [nlaikli]adj. 未必的, 不太可能的, 靠不住的 英英解释:1. not likely to be true or to occur or to have occurred同义词:improbable2. has little chance of being the case or coming about3. having a probability too low to inspire belief同义

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