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point to thE Door

中文:指向门口. 英语中point的部分用法如下: 1)point可作及物和不及物动词,常用于下列短语.(1)point out意为“指出,使注意”,后面可接名词,也可接从句作宾语.如: ①The teacher pointed out the mistakes in the composition. 老师指

point to the door 英[pint tu: d:] 美[pnt tu i dr] [词典] 下逐客令; [例句]An American employer at this point might very well show the humble Chinese applicant to the door.一般到这种地步的时候,美国雇主会送这个谦虚的中国人出门了.

你好!指向门 Point to the door


point to the door :找到了出路(指明方向的意思)

Point to the door.

Point to the blackboard.指着黑板.例句:1. The teacher pointed to the blackboard.老师指向了黑板.2. Critics point to the continuing instability of the company.评论家们强调公司的形势继续不稳.3. Come out to the blackboard, please.请到黑板前

1、释义不同 point at 英 [pint t] 美 [pnt t] (把…)对准,指向;针对;指画 point to 英 [pint tu:] 美 [pnt tu] 指;显示…的位置[方向];表明;指画2、用法不同 (1)point to :是point作为不以物动词时候的用法.不及物动词的意

point to是指向远处的东西,point at是指向近处的东西.

32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333337616630 一. point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为“指着”,at是介词,着重 于指的对象. Don't point at the words while you are reading. 读书时不要用手指着字.

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