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point out是什么意思


point out :指出(错误,缺点,方向..)

point out指出/point to指向/point at指着

指出 He pointed out the mistake to me.他向我指出错误.

point at (把…)对准, 指向 it's rude to point your fingers at people.用手指指人是很失礼的. point to 1.显示…的位置〔方向〕 2.表明 the building points to the east.这座楼面朝东. point out 指出; 把注意力引向… if i make any mistakes, please point them out.如果我出了错, 请指出来.


point at 是指着,指着某个特定的点或者什么.比如我们给别人讲解什么的时候就可以指着,或者说指点着电脑屏幕啊之类的.后面接的通常是被指到的那个东西,比如point at the screen.point out是指出.比如指出什么领域存在的问题,指出错误等等.比如,he pointed out that there are sth. wrong with my project.

point at,point to,point out point at,point to和point out的意思都与“指”有关,但还是有一定区别. point at习惯上表示指向离说话人较近的事物,意为“指着”,at是介词,着重于指的对象. Don't point at the words while you are reading. 读书时


point out---指出point to--指向ponit at--指在

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