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Perseverance suggests praiseworthy and enduring patience Perseverance 表明值得赞扬的、坚持到底的耐性(褒义):“Great works are performed,not by strength,but perseverance” (Samuel Johnson).“伟大的作品不是靠力量而是靠毅力来

patience[英]['pens] [美][pens] 生词本简明释义n.耐心,耐性;忍耐;单人纸牌游戏易混淆的单词:Patience以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典 网络释义 百科释义 短语词组 同反义词1.N-UNCOUNT容忍;耐心;忍耐力If you

In our daily life, we need patience in many ways. When our friend is down, we need patience to talk with him and cheer him up. When our students can't work out a problem, the teacher needs patience to help them. When the children are naughty,

patient名词:病人 形容词:有耐心的,能忍耐的

patience 是名词patient 是形容词希望我的回答能对你有帮助如果还有问题,可以问我,^_^

含义:名词,耐心 词根,patient,adj.有耐心的 读音:/peis/ 陪身斯

名词 n. [U]1. 耐心;忍耐;耐性;毅力She has reached the limit of her patience. 她已到了忍无可忍的地步. Looking after children requires patience. 照料孩子需要耐心

n. 忍耐; 耐心,耐性; 单人纸牌游戏; [网络] 容忍; 耐性; 耐心; [例句]There is a limit to our patience. 我们的忍耐是有限度的.

patience 耐心,不可数名词patient 病人,可数名词

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