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overwhelm: [ 'uv'welm ] v. 淹没,受打击,压倒以上来源于: Dict.cn1. Your kindness quite overwhelmed me.你的好意使我感激难言.2. The village was overwhelmed when the floods came.这个村庄在洪水泛滥时被淹没了.3. If I cannot overwhelm with my quality, I will overwhelm with my quantity.如果我不能以质量压倒,我就一定要以数量压倒.

overwhelmed不知所措双语对照词典结果:overwhelmedv.淹没( overwhelm的过去式和过去分词 ); 压倒; 覆盖; 压垮; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Monetarism was overwhelmed by financial innovations. 货币主义被金融创新淹没.2.Almost miraculously, the people overwhelmed the strongmen who had oppressed them for decades. 几乎像神迹一般,人民淹没了那些欺压他们多年的强人.

1. VERB 动词(情感、事件等)使不知所措,使难以承受 If you are overwhelmed by a feeling or event, it affects you very strongly, and you do not know how to deal with it. 【语法信息】:be V- He was overwhelmed by a longing for times past 他一心渴望回到从前.The need to talk to someone, anyone, overwhelmed her. 她迫不及待地要找个人说说话,随便是谁都行.

On Saturday,the interior minister formally asked Pakistan's army to prepare to intervene in case the security forces are overwhelmed.And when he looked at her,he was so overwhelmed with emotion and sa

2 - 最近做了很多关于产品图展示方式的用户测试,原以为测试结果会是对文化心理学中相关理论的一次简单印证,但最后却出 结果如下:1.用户反馈有背景的产品列表(如右侧图)让人感觉整个页面杂乱无序,且不堪重负(Overwhelmed),其中“


overwhelm_百度翻译overwhelm英[v'welm]美[ovhwlm, -wlm]vt. 淹没;压倒;覆盖;压垮第三人称单数:overwhelms;过去分词:overwhelmed;现在分词:overwhel[例句]Really large capital inflows and asset price bubbles overwhelm fiscal policy.规模足够大的资本流入以及资产价格泡沫会压倒财政政策的影响.您好,答题不易如有帮助请采纳,谢谢

I might be overwhelmed.overwhelm 是动词,overwhelmed是overwhelm的过去分词,在这里作形容词用 be overwhelmed 表示不知所措的状态.might是情态动词 所以用系动词的原型 be.

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