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.My Dream Hello! everyone.Do you have dreams? I know your answers must be "yes".So do I. I have a dream of traveling around the world someday.I think one should not always stay in the same place,he should go out to other countries from time

I have a dream,this dream very diffcult,I want to be a singer ,becase I like music,so I want to be a singer,bease they can make happy to everyone.last ,who can help me learn sing? 采纳我.

My dream home is very big and clean. It has at least five floors and fifteen rooms. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom. There are no other rooms on the ground floor. My bedroom, study, bathroom are on the first floor.

My dreamEveryone has a dream.My dream is to be a teacher.The teacher is a great job because he can teach people even the famous person. Of course it is a very difficult and a tiring job but I think I

Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be scientists. My dream is to become a teacher. Teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn. Thanks to them, we learn

everyone must have a dream. they may want to be famous or wealthy. neverthless, i do no want these virtual dream. my dream is to have good friends and a warm family forever.

The dream ", believe that the power of the heart, follow the gleam's desire to pursue that accumulated for a long time. Van Gogh sings gently, glowing eyes facing the pain came rushing toward depression, murmuring in the passage of time, but

my dream every body have a dream,now,let me tell you what is my dream,when i grow up i want to be a basketball player,i'm very athletic,when i is a small boy,i very like sports,my favorite basketball player is yaoming,i want to be a basketball player

my dreamWhen we talk to the future,I will feel happy.Because I want to be a teacher when I'm older.I think teachers are not rich.But I think it is happy to talk with children.And I think I will be a very good teacher.I will make my students do less homework

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