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make it hot for; make trouble for 穿小鞋 make a good person (thing) 成为……人(东西). make sb (sth) do sth 使某人(某事)做某事 make-up 补充 make contact 闭合接点 make believe 假装; 假扮 make time 闭合时间 make good 偿付;

make for 走向 ; 促成make up for 弥补make after 追赶make away 逃走make off 匆忙离去make off with 携…而逃make out 理解make over 美容; 改观make towards 朝…走去make up 组成make with 产生,造出,

make sure 确信;证实 make up 弥补;组成;化妆;整理 make full use of 充分利用 make friends with 与…交友 make up for 补偿,弥补 make a difference 有影响,有关系 make good use of 充分利用;很好地使用 make out 理解;辨认出;说明;

made, making 做;制造;创造 Please make a written declaration of all the goods you've brought with you. 请将你随身携带的全部货物写一份书面申报单. Milk bottle tops are made of tin foil. 牛奶瓶盖是用锡箔制成的. This spade is made of iron.

make vt.1. 制作,制造;做;做出(某物),建造,创造(某物):This car is made in China.这辆汽车是中国制造的.Did you make this shirt or buy it?这件衬衣是你自己做的还是买的?2. 注定;适合:They were made for each other.他们是合适

make词组例句 make in This watch is made in Switzerland 这只手表在再直制造.make of Bread is made of flour.面包用面粉制成.make from Bread is from flour.面包用面粉制成.make to We were made to believe he was the good guy.我们都相信

make clea说明,弄(讲)清楚 make a decision 作出决定 make a promise 答应,允诺 make a plan for为……作计划 make a record 录制唱片 make friends (with)(和…)交朋友 make faces 做鬼脸 make fun of 和 开玩笑 make a noise 吵闹 make it a

make clea说明,弄(讲)清楚make a decision 作出决定make a promise 答应,允诺make a plan for为……作计划make a record 录制唱片make friends (with)(和…)交朋友make faces 做鬼脸make fun of 和 开玩笑make a noise 吵闹make it a rule

1.make up to sb 讨好、巴结某人2.make up for sth in/with 弥补3.make towards sth 移动,移向4.make sth of sb/sth 了解、理解5.make sb/sth into sth 将.制成(变成)6.make out 听出,看出,辨认出7.make off 溜掉,

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