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glad单词造句为什么很多都加to 因为词组glad to do sth 意思是 高兴做某事

We are very glad to do that!I am very glad to meet you!We are very glad to meet you! He is always glad to help others.他总是乐意助人. I am very glad to see my teachers and classmates in new term. 我见到我的同班同学很高兴.We will be glad to attend.我们很乐意去参加.I'll be glad to show you everything.我将很乐意向你们展示一切.

Today's party I be glad to 采纳!

Rooster: I'll be glad to show you 公鸡:我很高兴带你去…… 2.If you couldn't find your favorite photographer in the list I'd be glad to hear about them inthe comments below. 如果你没能在这个清单上面找到你心仪摄影师的话,我很乐意在下面的评

glad 英[gld] 美[ld] adj. 高兴的,乐意的; 令人高兴的,使人愉快的; (风光) 明媚的,(景色)美丽的; 充满欢乐的,兴高采烈的; vt. 使高兴; [例句]I'm glad I relented in the end我很高兴自己的态度最终缓和了下来.

I'll be glad to show you everything我将很乐意向你们展示一切.I was so badly behaved I was convinced she would be glad to see the back of me. 我的表现如此差劲,相信她会很高兴看到我离开.

可以不加的.I am glad.He is glad.句型:I am glad to see you.

1、Whether the future finds you reading the newspaper, or sitting in the OvalOffice, you will be glad that you studied economics.无论以后你阅读报纸、抑或坐在椭圆形办公室(白宫)中,你都将会为学过经济学而感到欣慰.2、The person that you

Glad to meet you!Glad to meet you, too!很高兴遇到你.也很高兴遇到你!

be glad 是一个系表结构,表示为某事感到高兴,欢喜.其用法有3种:1. 后带介词短语,如 I am glad about his new job. 我为他的新工作感到高兴.2. 后带动词不定式,如 I'll be glad to do you a favour. 我愿意为你效劳.注意,如动词不定式不是

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