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He has finished doing his homework.他已经完成了作业i have finished doing my homework我已经完成了作业. the teacher has finished training his students老师已经训练过他的学生.the workers have just finishe

finish doing my homework

she finished cleaning the room.她打扫完房间了

没见过 decide doing decide on sth-----对某事作出决定

i will finish something i want to finish if i don't finish it,i will be unhappy. can you help me to finish it?

after doing sthfinish doing sth 都是固定搭配,连起来用就是after finishing doing sth :在做完之后.

1.I had to spend some time doing last-minute rewrites.我不得不花一些时间作最后的改写.收藏指正 2.Give energy and time to doing sth; make a special effort to do sth 用精力

finish doing sth keep doing sth avoid doing sth delay doing sth excuse doing sth 你已经知道这些搭配了 还不会造句l finish doing homework.l keep doing homework.随便造啊

I finished watching a football match at 10:00 last night.来自英语牛人团望采纳一下谢谢你了哦

i want to try to learn english 我想要努力学习英语 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

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