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FEEl ContEnt with造句

He feels happy content with his wife at present.对妻子很满意的他觉得很幸福.

feel /be content with: 对满意 I feel content with the good result.我对这个好结果很满意.

Can any American looking at the situation in Latin America feel content with what's happening today? 有哪位美国人能看着今天在拉美发生的一切而感到高兴的吗?Personally, I feel quite content with Beijing. 就我个人而言,我对北京挺满意.

对某事感到尴尬.i was embarrassed with his disrespectful words.

前者是因为某人不高兴,比如feel unhappy with my friends(对我的朋友感到不高兴),而feel unhappy about是因为某事不高兴

i feel in love with you. 【我爱上你了】.

i feel comfortable siting here.

(1)、人应当对自己拥有的东西感到知足.(be content with);One should be content with what he has (2)、我在街上碰巧遇到了一位老朋友.(by chance);I met an old friend in the street by chance (3)、多亏了工程师的帮助,实验中的问题解决了.(

so they feel more content with their life so they feel more content with their life所以他们感到更满意他们的生活更满意自己的生活

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