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做家务 do homework 则指做作业

Do housework泛指做家务,do the housework则特指做说话者要求做的家务

做家务,house work 是家务的意思,homework是作业.

do housework 做家务活

do housework基本翻译做家务,干家务活网络释义do housework:做家务 | 做家务事 | 做家务活

do houseworkvt.做家务; [英][du: hausw:k][美][du haswk]

do housework 是指做家务.do the housework 是指做某项特定的家务.do housework,指做某种家务,没有特定性.do the housework有the,the是定冠词,定冠词表示特指或者专指,意思是“干具体的活.

就是做家务的意思 相似的 有do homework 做作业

My father and my mother are very busy,they go to work.my grandma is busy, too.Her cooked meals.My grandpa and I aren't busy On Saturday and Sunday, I do my homework at my bedroom. grandpa is wacth TV. After that, I begin to do housework.

do the housework:做家务

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