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disciplinary[英][dsplnri][美][dsplneri]adj.纪律的; 训练的; 惩罚的; 例句:1.If most institutions knew their students were using essay-writing services,they would undoubtedly subject them to disciplinary proceedings. 如果学校

disciplinary[英][dsplneri:][美][dsplnri]adj.纪律的; 训练的; 惩罚的; 例句:He cited a 2007 statute, passed under military rule, which gave an amnesty to all government officials who were facing disciplinary charges. 他援引了2007年军事裁决法庭通过法令,该法令对被指控违反纪律的政府官员予以全部赦免.

cross-disciplinary的意思是(牵涉多种训练的)交叉训练的;跨学科的;交叉学科的.一、cross-disciplinary词性 形容词.二、cross-disciplinary读音 英 [krs dsplnri],美 [krs dsplneri].三、cross释义 穿越;越过;

inter-disciplinary学科间 双语例句1Inter-Disciplinary Research and the Development of Gerontics in the 21~ ( st) Century跨学科交叉研究与21世纪老年学的发展2The medical equipment needs “ Master many skills while specializing in one ” Inter-disciplinary talent医学装备需要一专多能复合型人才

disciplinary procedures纪律处分程序网络释义1. 纪律程序例句:1.Pcaob disciplinary procedures are so slow it could be years before weinberg facesaccountablilty for those audits. 但PCAOB的处罚流程非常缓慢,可能要到几年后,Weinberg才需

disciplinary[英][dsplnri][美][dsplneri]adj.纪律的; 训练的; 惩罚的; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.67 Facilities used deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure. 67家工厂利用扣减工资作为纪律处分.2.Expulsion is the ultimate party disciplinary measure. 开除党籍是党内的最高处分.

disciplinedadj. 遵守纪律的;受过训练的v. 使有纪律(discipline的过去分词);训导

disciplinary Practice 学科实践Anti-disciplinary Knowledge Practice 文化研究与反学科的知识实践

disciplinary procedure[英][dsplneri: prsi:d][美][dsplnri prsid][法] 纪律性程序,惩戒性程序; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.There is also a disciplinary procedure ongoing against themale software

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