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作困难时不可数,如she got in difficulty again作困难的事情时可数,如They met with many difficulties不明再补充哈

是可数名词,复数形式为difficulties 希望对你有帮助,如果满意请采纳吧,谢谢

difficulty n.困难,艰难,难事;有可数名词和不可数名词两种用法.①用作不可数名词,意为"困难、艰难",常用在以下句型中 have no/find(some,any,much) difficulty with sth./(in) doing sth.There is no (some,any,much) difficulty (in) doing sth.I

这个问题问的很好.分析如下:difficulty在做下面意思时是不可数的: 1.困难,艰难: I had no difficulty in getting in touch with him. 我和他取得联系没有什么困难.在下面几种意思时是可数的: 2. 难事,难处,难题 There are a lot of difficulties that

如:Bad planning will lead to difficulty later.计划不周会给以后带来困难.(2) 表示具体意义的“困难”(如难事、难点、难题等),是可数名词.如:He paused as if he found a difficulty.他停下来,好像遇到了一个难

表示困难和困境都有可能出现不可数的情况If you have difficulty doing sth如果你有做什么的困难in difficulty 在困境中

[U] ~ (in sth/in doing sth) state or quality of being difficult; trouble or effort that sth involves 困难; 艰难; 困难性; 难度: the sheer difficulty of the task 这项任务的高难度 * Bad planning will lead to difficulty later. 计划不善会给今后带来困难. * do sth

1. 关于是否用作可数名词和是否用复数形式: (1) 表示抽象意义的“困难”,是不可数名词,如: Bad planning will lead to difficulty later. 计划不周会给以后带来困难. (2) 表示具体意义的“困难”(如难事、难点难题等),,是可数名词.

指困难时不可数 指困难的事可数

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