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compete vi.(不及物动词)竞争;争夺;参加比赛例句:We can't compete with them on price.我们在价格上无法与他们竞争.名词:competition 竞争,竞争对手.形容词:competitive 竞争的,好胜的.望采纳~

compete (verb) competition (noun) competitive (adj) competer (noun for person) competitively (adverb)

compete的形容词 competitive

compete 的形容词是: completed1. C. would miss2. C. will lieave3. A. are waiting; runs4. B. had learned5. A. has lived6. D. have stayed7. A. grow8. C. has appeared9. B. I won't10. B. had been waiting

competevi. 竞争;比赛;对抗(过去式 competed过去分词 competed现在分词 competing第三人称单数 competes)1. [ V](with/against sb) (for sth)to try to be more successful or better than sb else who is trying to do the same as you 竞争;对抗2.[ V] ~ (in sth) (against sb)to take part in a contest or game 参加比赛(或竞赛)

compete一般言指参加的是比赛一类的 participate则是参加某项活动、事业(常与 in 连用):



B compete for 表示争夺什么,后面跟金牌.翻译:他们为了金牌和哪一组竞争?它的肯定句不难看出是:They competed for the gold medal with( this) team.是一个过去时态的句子.

visitor ,decision ,competition,defference visitor decision competition, difference 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你 visitor 来访者 decision 决定 competition, 竞争,比赛 difference 区别

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