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compete against表示“与…对抗” compete for表示“夺取…” compete with表示“对…抗争”.

compete 英[kmpi:t] 美[kmpit] vi. 竞争; 竞赛; 比得上; 参加比赛(或竞赛) [网络] 抗衡; 比赛; [例句]the longer people have been unemployed, the harder it is for them to compete in the labour market.失业时间越长,就越难在劳动力市场与别人竞争.[其他] 第三人称单数:competes 现在分词:competing 过去式:competed过去分词:competed 形近词: pompene compels compens 求采纳 祝您新春快乐

COMPETE FOR :为……而竞争 | 为…竞争 | 角逐,竞争COMPETE WITH :与竞争 | 竞争 COMPETE AGAINST :和…竞争COMPETE AGAIT :和…竞争take part in 参加;参与join in 参加;加入建议你下载一下有道桌面词典!

compete vi.(不及物动词)竞争;争夺;参加比赛例句:We can't compete with them on price.我们在价格上无法与他们竞争.名词:competition 竞争,竞争对手.形容词:competitive 竞争的,好胜的.望采纳~

compete (verb) competition (noun) competitive (adj) competer (noun for person) competitively (adverb)

Compete with

71.care about 72.in search of 73.thought highly of 74.agree with 75.compete in 76.made a bargain with 77.making up 78.live in peace with 79.got familiar with 80.sorted out 略

这个意思是假设说所有人都能解读股价的动荡,然后跟随股价的调整来赚钱,那么利润就等于相对的抵消了! compete away 当作抵消来讲,所有人都赚钱的话就等于没人赚钱!

Non-Compete Agreement----非竞争协议

compete with somebodyhave a race/match between somebody and me望采纳谢谢

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