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by the way 英音:[bai ðə 'wei] 美音:[baɪ ðə 'we] 1.顺便提一下 By the way, do you have any idea where the post office is? 顺便问一下,你知道邮局在哪儿吗? 2.在途中

by the way [英][bai ðə wei][美][baɪ ði we] 顺便地,附带说说; 顺便一提; 例句: By the way, I thank you very much. 顺便说一声,我非常感谢你们。 By the way you look at me. 就从你看我的眼神。 By the way, this pr...

by the way翻译为:顺便说; 顺便问一下 例句: 1、Love to Bob, by the way. 请便代向鲍勃问好。 2、By the way, why not drop in for a drink this evening? 顺便说一句,今晚到我家串门喝一杯怎么样? 3、By the way, do you live with your ...

by the way表示顺便再说一句、还有,多用于口语; in addition表示除此之外、还有,多用于书面语。

by the way 英 美 顺便说说,顺便问一下;在途中 双语例句: 1.You can tell by the way they talk with her. 你可以从他们与她谈话的方式中就可以看出来。 2.By the way, what do you think about this Team? 顺便问一下,你认为这个队的水平如...

1. 在被动语态中,如果the way是动作的执行者,用by引出。这题就是被动语态。 如果不是被动语态,往往用in the way。 如果不是被动语态,by the way表示“顺便说一下”。 2. 当先行词是way时,定语从句只能由that或in which引导。

你好! by the way 英[bai ðə wei] 美[baɪ ði we] [词典] 顺便地,附带说说; 顺便一提; [例句]By the way, how did your seminar go? 对了,你的研讨会进行得怎样?

You mean to say After all the years of lovin' After all the tears are far away You could throw away All the dreams we build together Can't believe you mean the things you say I remember you with a loving way In your eyes, in yo...

在句子中做插入语。翻译为‘顺便说一下,顺便问一句,呕,对了。。。等等。表示在说某一件事情的时候,突然想起另一件事。 I think the TV show last night was interesting. By the way, when did you go to bed last night? 我看昨天晚上的电视...


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