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be beneficial for 对有好处;对于传统的be good for,这个短语在层次上更高一层,因此更适合用于雅思,托福等写作中. 例如:1)exercising regularly and eating reasonably is beneficial for your health.定期锻炼并合理饮食对你的健康有好处

physically beneficial 对身体有益/有好处用法:be + physically beneficial + to例:A good sleep is physically beneficial to help you restore strength. 良好的睡眠对恢复体力有益.

是固定搭配be beneficial to sb.对某人是有利.有beneficial for,可以用beneficial for sb to do sth.

v.忽视;对…不予理会;佯装未见;不予理睬1.忽视;对…不予理会to pay no attention to sth2.佯装未见;不予理睬to pretend that you have not seen sb or that sb is not there v.+n.ignore fact , ignore warning , ignore advice , ignore error , ignore

priority /prart/ CET4 TEM41.N-COUNT If something is a priority, it is the most important thing you have to do or deal with, or must be done or dealt with before everything else you have to do. 优先处理的事 例:Being a parent is her first

priority词汇分析音标:英 [pra'rti] 美 [pra'rti] 释义:n. 先;前;(时间上)在前优先;在先;上席;上位;重点[复数]优先权;先取权[复数]优先考虑的事;优先配给短语according to priority 依照次序first priority 绝对优先项目(或问

作名词,词组lack of ,a lack of, she didn't attend the party for lack of confidence. 她没有参加这个聚会,因为她没有信心.(lack作名词, 与of搭配使用. 注意:名词lack绝对不能与for连用.) 作动词,直接跟宾语 lack something, she lacks confidence.她没有信心.lacking 是形容词,词组 be lacking in, she is lacking in confidence.她没有信心.(lacking作形容词用,前面有系动词,后面与in搭配使用.)

prefer的用法 1、后接不定式时与rather than 或instead of连用,如:He preferred to die rather than (to) steal. / He perferred to die instead of stealing. 他宁死也不去偷窃. 2、注意介词搭配,如: I prefer swimming to skating. (I like swimming better

benefit是一个很重要的单词,首先要注意它的拼写,其次是词性 1.及物动词:对有好处eg.Exercise benefits our health. 2.不及物动词,长构成短语benefit from从得到好处.We can benefit from exercise. 3.名词, 好处,利益 I did it for your benefit. 4. 形容词 beneficial 短语be beneficial to eg. Exercise is beneficial to our health.

entertain sb with sth,用使某人娱乐.entertain sb to sth,请某人吃某物.entertainment,是名词,娱乐.entertaining,有趣的.

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