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BE moDElED AFtEr造句

be modeled after 网络解释1. 照制作,仿效 be mistaken about 对有所误会, 把弄错, 错看 | be modeled after照制作,仿效 | be necessary for 是需要的, 对有必要2. 根据模仿;仿造 be famous for 以而闻名 (5) | be

Asia,Africa, and Australia would be civilised by England, and covered with new states modelled after the English fashion. 亚洲、非洲、澳洲所接受的将是英国的文化,许多以英国为榜样的新国家将陆绩出现. be modelled after 根据模仿;仿造 O(∩_∩)O~

MODEL,模型 模特.作动词,仿造.be modeled after 以为原型,仿造类似的还有 be named after 以命名

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be modeled after 根据……模仿;仿造; 例句:1.It will be modeled after the british health care system and restrict what kind of medicalprocedures can be provided to patients. 它将模仿英国的医疗保健系统,限制可提供给患者的医疗程序类型.2.I

仿照…制作It is modeled after the same pattern.它是依照同一模型制成的.使仿效The boy modeled himself after his father.这个男孩以自己的父亲为榜样.

Soon after that, I will be able to afford a new house. 之后没多久,我就会有能力买幢新房子.

be occupied in v.使忙碌于,使从事于 , 忙于…,正从事… He is occupied in doing his homework at home.

she is occupied in looking after 3 children.她忙于照料3个孩子 希望能帮到你哦,望采纳

look after1.照顾;照料;照看;关心:i will look after her child when she is on a business trip.她出差时我将照看她的孩子.2.目送;从后面盯着;眼睛盯着:they looked after the train as it moved out.他们目送火车开出车站.3.关注;为…操心:he only looks after his own interests.他只顾自己的利益.

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