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be important to的同义词组有mean a lot to 等.be important to 对…重要 例句 No one really knows what knowledge and skills will be important to you later in life.没有人会预料到哪些知识以及技能会对自己未来的生活很重要.mean a lot to 全部, 对…意义重大 , 意义重大 , 很有意义 例句 You mean a lot to me, I cannot lose you any longer!你对于我太重要,我不能再失去你!

important adj. 重要的;权威的;有势力的;有地位的重要;最重要;重要的意义;重大 1998 was an important year for everyone: a time of change. 1998年对所有人来说都是重要的一年:那是个变革的时期.同义词adj.<!--adj.-->1. “重大的;著


be of importance=important important 英 [ mp:tnt ] adj. 重要的;权威的;有势力的;有地位的;

This is particularly important on 这对.特别重要的双语对照例句: 1. This is particularly important when one considers fiscal consolidation. 考虑到财政整顿之举,这便显得尤为重要. 2. This year's sanya summit is particularly important for two reasons. 因为两个原因,今年的峰会显得尤其重要.

词组:be of great importance,of much concern 都是很重要的 crucial adj. 重要的;决定性的;定局的;决断的 vital adj. 至关重要的;生死攸关的;有活力的 我知道的比较少,不好意思 仅供参考

后面没有to do sth.的时候可以.如果是有to do sth的话,就只能用for了.

TOEFL作文考试百个精选替换词1. important =crucial (extremely important),significant(amount or effect large enough to be important)

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