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ThErE is An orAngE.(改为复数形式)

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题!..There are some oranges.

there be结构的 把is 改为are 可数名词加s

There are oranges in the bag .这种较好.根据题意改的话,题意本来是一个橘子在袋子里.题目要求的是把橘子变成复数形式.所以bag没必要修改.虽然改了也没错.

你好!There is an orange on the table (改为复数形式)There are many oranges on the table

there are some oranges on the table.

there is an orange in the basket

There ( are three oranges ) on the table.

保证全对,而且,后面有翻译Is this a bus?(改成复数形式) Are these buses?(三个词) This is an office(改成复数形式) These are offices.(三个词) dr__(两个字母和意思) draw 阅读there,building,floors,are,many,how,t

There is an orange on the table 改为复数形式There are some oranges on the tablesThe garden is behind the house 同义句转换The house is in front of the gardenThere are some pictures on the wall 改为一般疑问句 做肯定回答一般疑问:Are there any pictures on the wall?肯定回答:Yes,there are

His ball is yellow.(改为复数)His balls are yellow.Tt is my yellow sweater .(改为一般疑问句)Is it your yellow sweater?They are (their)kites.(对括号提问)Whose kites are

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