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用英语翻译几个句子: 我有一位很要好的朋友。她来...

I have a good friend.She comes from England and she is twelve years old.How does she look like? Let me tell you!

a boy who has big eyes and a small mouth.

你好,很高兴解答你的问题我有一个好朋友英语翻译I Have A Good Friend希望能够帮到你.可以的话给个采纳就更好了,谢谢.

我有一个非常要好的朋友I have a wonderful friend望采纳,谢谢

Every time I see you and the other boys together, I will tell myself: "never leave you or leave you." I know I can not be accompanied by the man in your life, so I chose to leave, to leave the city for each I feel very lost, I can not do to abandon you, 满意请采纳+关注我们的团队~感激不尽O(∩_∩)O若有什么问题想问,欢迎您继续追问^_^

My Best Friend I have a best friend. Her name is Lucy. She is a kind person. If someone needs help, she will give him a hand. She helps me a lot. When I am sad, she will be by my side and talk to me. My math is poor, and hers is good,so she often

1. What makes you so interested in collecting stamps? (you),2 this piano area is too big. Easy (185)3 listen to music relaxes me. (you),4 the teacher often let we correct. (you),5. My friend, as well as his parents is a picnic. (yard)6 we should not put all


I have a special relationship between a good friend, her name is Wang Ping.She has a pair of big glasses, thick eyebrows, high stand of bridge of the nose, small mouth.I grew up together with her, what happened between us too much. Remember

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