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1.I am a middle school student.My parents are very strict with me.I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. every day.I have to do sports four times a week.I am not allowed to watch TV or play computer games on school days.I must go to bed before 9:00 p.m. What

There are mang rules in my home.In the morning,my mother always says"Get up now and make you bed!"After breakfast,I also have to wash the dirty dish.And then,I have to read books for an hour before I can watch TV .In the afternoon,I must go

建议你在我的基础上加些连词就会更好!望采纳!I'm very sad.Because I have too many rules:1.I have to get up at 6 o'clock.2.I must go to school at 7 o'clock .3.I have to do lots of homework.4.I can't play computer games after school.5.I have to

There are many rules in my family. And most of them are about me. For example, on weekdays I have to get up early in the morning; I can't watch TV or go out on school nights; I have to go home quickly after school.There are too many! I feel my

my parents are very strict.because i have so many family rules.for example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.on weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. it's strict, but i think it's necessary.and i must finish my homework in time. i can

【1】My parents are very strict.Because I have so many family rules.For example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.On weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. It's strict, but i think it's necessary.And i must finish my homework in

I'm a middle school student. I have many rules in my house. Let's read them. Do homework after school.Don't hang out with friends on school nights.Don't watch TV during the meals.Be friendly each other.Help parents do housework.Clean your

My Family(我的家庭) My family lives in Hsi-hu. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father is tall and thin. He is a handsome man. He has big eyes. His hair is straight. He likes to watch TV and

my home there is a rive in front of my house .there are some fish inthe river.there are thre apple trees in the back ,many birds are often in the trees . on the first floor, there's a sitting room, there is a television in the room, i'm often watching tv in the

school rules are very important. there are many rules in our school. for example, we should wear our school uniform at school and we should go to school on time. we are required to keep the classroom clean and tidy. we can't eat, drink or sleep in

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