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last month we had a sports meeting.though the weather wasn't very fine that day,the students were all very excited and the whole school was alive.this time,i was even more excited.because i went in for the sports meeting and my item was high jump.i

In this clear and crisp in September, we greet autumn sun, along with the harvest season, ushered in the lively wonderful school sports. Early in the morning, teachers and students arrived at the stadium, some of them arranged the venue, and some

我们学校的运动会Our School's Sports Meetingwe had a very interesting sports meeting.我们参加了一个很有趣的运动会.First we had the throwing competition.Johnny throw the furthest.首先,我们参加的是投掷比赛.约翰尼掷得最远.Then we

In this autumn of November, we greet the autumn sunSchool to open the second session of the Games. They all dress bright, smiling, one after another neat row of class formation, started dancing in the march to the podium props came, teachers

Today, our school held a spring games. Students actively participate catch in the game, a battle of wits. The most interesting will certainly be a teacher-relay, female teachers are all end Zhuangwen Ya, can be one to the game, they also have an

你先看看,参考参考,不行再说~~~~~~ 我的老师英语作文 - My Teacher上周五,我掉了我的自行车.之一,我的腿严重受伤,我不得不留在床上. 那天晚上,当我就有感觉悲哀,陈二,我的英语老师,来见我.我当时太兴奋地说一个字. “我

One hundred meters is a competitive comparison of fierce competition, in our cheer, started the game, all the players to run forward, keep the first player was careful not to exceed, finally, astudent from class 6 won the first, it is beyond all

There was a sports meeting in our school last week, It began on Thursday and was over on Friday. Zhang QIang is in Class One. He is taller than any other boy in the school. He jumped highest of all. Yang Mei ran fastest, but she hurt her right foot

楼主,您好! My school has a lot of sports. First, the school held annually in autumn Games in the long jump last year, the first games I get it. Secondly, students usually have early exercise, doing eye exercises, sometimes after school playing

你愿意参加我们学校举行的运动会 Would you like to join our school sports meeting

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