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What is Mary doing now? She is watching TV.What is Tom doing now? He is doing his homework.

what are you doing ? 你正在干什么? i am working . 我正在工作. he is sleeping . 他正在睡觉.

你好, 英语人名无论在句子的什么地方,都要大写 .

英语造句:"她叫什么名字?""她叫Amy."what's her name ?she is Amyshe is my sister

HIs brother is a teacher. This is his book. Her coat is dirty. That isn't her bike.

用do造4个句 1. do you like english? 2. i do my homework at school. 3. what do they do at home? 4. how do they go to school? 5. when do you get up? 再用does造5个句子 1. does lily like english food? 2. what does lily do at weekend? 3. when does sam have his breakfast? 4. what does sam have for breakfast? 5. where does lucky go ?

who is it?一般用于电话那头不知是男是女的情况

他看起来像什么的英文翻译_他看起来像什么What does he look like 他看起来像什么的英文翻译他看起来像什么What does he look like ?

What name is that girl?

作下定决心讲:Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind 作组成讲: Many kinds of molecules make up your coffee There are the water molecules, the flavor molecules the milk proteins, etcetera. 许多不同种类的分子构成了你的咖啡,有水分子,气味分子,牛奶蛋白等等.

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