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英语提米 用所给词的适当形式填空 急啊!!!!

1.more important2.more dangerous, most dangerous3.是不是打错了?4.the coldest5.cheap6.hotter7.easier8.smaller9.farther/further10.more exciting11.worse,worse12.colder13.more, more difficult14.fewer15.the strongest (后面的country应该是复数吧?)

are playing , Is doing, likes, go , said

1、bigger smaller2、longest3、beautiful4、more difficult5、well6、busiest7、两个空都填fatter8、cheaper9、earlier10、interesting11、wider brighter12、most well

用所给词适当形式填空 1.hurry up! everyone _______(wait) for you. 2.what about ______(spend)our vacation in zhuhai? 3.they have much homework ______(do). 4.if you meet _____(thief),you can call at 110. 5.i hope ______(see)my daughter soon.


1、my father usually exercises(exercise)in the park and my mother always shops(shop)inthe supermarket. some time they go(go)to the movies. 2、why does(do)she only drink(drink) milk every day? 3、my eating(eat)habit are pretty good. 4、you must eat wore vegetable and keep healthy(health)

1going shopping about后面要加ing形式2women dress many修饰复数3worry don't后面原型4suger apples much修饰不可数,many修饰可数

1.choices 2.is 3.changes 4.enjoyable 5.determined

1.apples 标志词:some 2.knives 标志词:two{ 此题楼上的为错误 } 3.feet 标志词:four 4.boxes 标志词:many 5.glasses milk 标志词:three

1.Which month is ( ninth)(nine)one?2.I am (scend)(two) student here.And you?3.Mr.Wang is on (twelfth)(twelve) floor of the building.4.(See)(see) you next week.5.May 10th is her brother's

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