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peaches 才是正确的复数形式peachs 错了

是“What did you ……?你什么时候……?”这一课吧?我自己做了下,你看可以用吗?第二大题:1,He should call the doctor.2,He is going to telephone him.3,He can

可用可不用word puzzle字谜

in the spring the trees are tall,the flowers are beautiful,the birds are singing in the tree.I love spring,beacuse it`s very beautiful. in the summer,butterflys are find flowers,the bees are fly.they are happy,they like flowers very much.I can swim in the

hello,i am a film critic on the 6th, i think the ice age film very good. it taught us to friendship with each other. we have to unite. well, anything can be overcome.my favorite is the protagonist of a tiger. i would like to learn from the tiger's courage, in the

天数D 吃掉E 剩余R n x/2+n 0 x/2+n=x x=2*n=2*(0+ n) n-1 y/2+n-1 x y/2+n-1+x=y y=2*(x+ n-1) n-2 z/2+n-2 y z/2+n-2+y=z z=2*(y+ n-2) n-3 u/2+n-3 z u/2+n-3+z=u u=2*(z+ n-3) n-4 v/2+n-4 u v/2+n-4+u=v v=2*(u+ n-4)2 xx/2+2 1 xxx/2+1 xx xxx/2+1+xx=

文字排好位置后拖入高光素材 位置摆好 按ctrl键单击文字图层缩略图 文字选区即可出现(只是单击缩略图 当前选择的还是上面的高光素材)然后直接添加图层蒙版 效果就出现了不明白的可以追问 希望能帮到你^_^

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