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neither of them like english 否定句.

陈述句变否定句的方法:句中有动词be( am ,is , are ,was ,were),情态动词(can / could , may , must ,will , would 等),助动词(如完成时态中的HAS / HAD ),变否定句时直接在这些词后加NOT ;否则要加助动词Do ,Does (主语第三人称单数

很简单啊.举个最简单的例子 You can find the answer.(转换为否定句) =You can't find the answer.(转换为一般疑问句) =Can you find the answer?(否定疑问句) =Can't you find the answer?其实就是将句子中be动词/动词转化为否定形式.或者添加否定词语.例如:You can never find the answer.

1.The students have read about twenty English novels in the past three years. 2.I have my homework finished . 3.He has painted the front door green. 4.I've written an article. 5.It has been raining these days. 6.I have come fro.

1. There is not a moment to be lost. 分秒必争.2. There is no holding back the wheel of history. 历史车轮不可阻挡.3. Not a soul was anywhere visible. 到处见不到一个人.4. I felt sorry for not coming in time. 我很抱歉没准时到.5. I don't think it

你好!英语单词some用于否定句中的例子:some用于否定句:Some用于否定句主要见于以下情形: ①用于部分否定的句子中.比较: I do not like any of the films. 这些电影中我一部也不喜欢. I don't like some of the films. 这些电影中的某

否定句分很多种,我就举些例子吧.1.cannot/couldn't或can /could +否定词(not,never,hardly,scarcely)too以及比较级等等. I can't wait to see him.我盼望着能早点见到他. I could not feel better.我感觉再好不过了. You cannot overemphasize

1. they are not in my class.2. are tony and betty from china?把肯定句变为否定句,就是在,are ,is, am, was, were后面加not, 其他动词的话复杂点,一般现在时要用do not, does not, 等

1:一般否定句 I don't know this.否定句式 No news is good news. 否定词no There is no person smoking here. 2:特指否定 He went to his office, not to see him.I am sorry for not coming on time.I don't think/believe/suppose/feel/imagine you are

做题多少不重要,重要的是理解和吃透题目,保证自己下次能做出来.100道题实在太多,如有必须,建议去买本题做比较好.这里我帮你找了肯定变否定的语法摘要,希望对你有帮助!O(∩_∩)O~ 一、陈述句的肯定式变否定式 1. 谓语动词是

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