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我要做个坚强的女人,也要做个爱笑的疯子------- I want to be an independent woman as well as someone enjoying laughing

坚强 : strong ; tough

从现在开始,我要做一名坚强的女子 =from now on, i want to be a strong woman.

Be strong and courageous pursuit of a dream girl

Even if my eyes were full of tears, I would not let it down, because I want to be a strong woman!

, .望采纳,谢谢!

做个坚强不息温文而雅的女人用英语Be a strong,gentle and elegant woman.再看看别人怎么说的.

This woman is crazy!希望帮到您!

I am to be a brave and strong girl.用“be to”比较好

做个坚强的女孩 Be a strong girl 英 [str] 美 [str] adj. 强的; 坚强的; 强烈的; 强壮的; adv. 强劲地; 猛烈地; 大大地; 坚强地;

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