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through强调从中穿过去,如:through a hole,即通过具体过程,途径,手段,中介.with 通过用具体的“工具、材料”或伴随“抽象事物”; chopsticksby 表“用交通工具”或表“发出某动作”;by后直接加名词,不加任何冠词.例如by bus,by bikein 通过一种方法,用原料或语言,in a different wayon 可用于通过网络,on line或者 on the internet,或者on表用某交通工具,后面加冠词再加名词,比如on the train.通常这些你自己用熟悉了之后,凭语感也可以答出来.希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢!~

You can contact me in these ways.

这些方法都是有利于英语学习的.1. These methods are conducive to learning English.2. These methods are beneficial to English learning.

All these are good tips for study English.These are good methods for studying English.上海灵格风英语

Throughout all these three ways, through legal means to gain the network hypothesized property, so the network hypothesized property legitimacy. As for through dishonest means, such as games such as plug-in acquired the virtual property, I think


1.我们想在平等的基础上与你们建立业务关系 We want to establish the business relationship on the basis of equality.2.我们每增加200张纸,可增加1%的佣金 Two hundred more pieces of paper would increase the commission by 1% .3.这批衬衫使

method1.方法,办法;教学法;方式;程序;调查方法2.方法论3.条理;顺序;步骤 way 方法;道路;方向;行业;习惯;途径;路径;方式 means 手段;方法;工具;方式

我觉得这些方法都使我学习英语变的轻松I think these methods make me learn English change easily

Why is education Important?为什么教育很重要?With the development of today's technology,education becomes more important than before because people need to learn moreto adapt the society.Education enables people to understand the

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