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可能是Call Me Maybe吧,Carly Rae Jepsen的,Katy Perry有拍过这个的搞笑视频呢

You don't need a lot of money And you don't have to play no games All I need is all your lovin' To get the blood rushing through my veins I wanna say we're going steady Like it's 1954 It doesn't have to be forever Just as long as I'm the name on your

歌词”please don't let me go i just wanna stay“出自歌曲《Heartbeats》.《Heartbeats》(心跳)歌手:Amy Diamond 所属专辑:《Swings And Roundabouts 》发行时间:2009-10-20歌词:I can't figure out 我不明白 Is it meant to be this way

Don't call me right now.I'm having a meeting

problem"(feat. iggy azalea)[iggy:]uh huh, it's iggy iggzi got one more problem with you girlaye[ariana:]baby even though i hate ya亲爱的,有时我会讨厌你i wanna love ya内心深处却渴望爱你i want you you you得到你and even though i can't forgive

Ariana Grande - One Last TimeI was a liarI gave into the fireI know I should've fought itAt least I'm being honestFeel like a failureCause I know that I failed youI should've done you betterCause you don't want a liarAnd I know, and I know, and I

歌曲 call me anytime 歌手:p y t 专辑:p y t (down with me) 不知道你要的是不是这个

搁浅演唱:阴霾娃娃心里那些破碎凌乱的瓦片试著走出没有你的房间一个人的沙发无人记起的 信箱回忆就好象 旋转木马我们相互的面对着 时间被凝固的画面定格决定了 走到分手了的尽头让爱在 再度的消失在执着 的没有结果一切都 烟消的云散

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