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In the first place, it's the features of the computer games that attract their attention and satisfy their psychological need. Many college students claim that they can find the values of their lives in the suppositional world although such kind of value is

对小孩子小学生来说,上网太早不算是好事,害处多而益处少,小孩子小学生上网多数,都是玩游戏,很少用在学习上.因为他们的好奇心很强,倒至常时间上网有迷恋心.电脑的辐射很大,对身体有伤害,更何况是抵抗力低的孩子,长时间的上网,会对孩子还没有成形的眼睛,造成近视导致视力低下. 对中少年来说,有益和有害是相等的.到了这个时期,上网成了热朝,大家有不知道的东西,不会的问题,都可以在网上找到答案,可以学习很多的东西.长时间的学习使他们觉的疲惫,还可以借上网好好的放松一下.而有一部分的中少年,很迷恋上网,因为上网他们不在学习,在网络里乱搞男女关系,有的沉迷于游戏,无法自拔,有的专门在网上学习一些没用的东西,不干净的东西.

Hase it ever happened to you ? Have you ever playing the computer then forget that you shall finish you work ? My friend also likes to play the computer game ,they feels that playing computer game can let them relax and forget about the bad things .


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Internet is now coming into our life. It brings us not only a lot of convenience , happiness but also troubles. Some students use Internet as a tool to study. They look up the meanings of the words, a


Every one wants to keep healthy today, especailly our students. But we don't pay attention to our health. Some of them go to school without breakfast in the morning. Some students and pupils play computer games or watch TV all day, espacially at

H1N1 influenza, since the claws reached into the earth and stuck it into our world H1N1流感,自从这个魔爪伸进地球,伸进我们的世界就引起了极大的轰动. 从莫斯科,

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