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Dear Sir/Madam:My friend George would like to apply for the position you are offering as a part-time librarian. It is my great pleasure to recommend him to you. As a well-behaved college student, George is a conscientious and considerate person,

As a professor in XXX, I have known MSxxx for one year. MSxxx is one of the brightest, most-diligent students in my class. I remember clearly that she was able to work together with her team to give a great presentation on a case study to the class.

Dean Qianjin College of Continuing Education 801 Quxi Road Shanghai 200031 Dear Mr. Dean, Miss Xu Hongqing is a graduate student of English under my supervision. She had had two years' teaching experience before her admission to the

可以search 普瑞思翻译PreThink or MagicWrite on taobao ,可以提供很多模板的,blog和offcial website都有很多的RL-Management and Economics, Tianjin UniversityDear ColleaguesI take pleasure in recommending Mr. Duan Chen to your

给你个例文吧~ To whom it may concern,我写这封信是为了给我最得意的门生孙烨枞做推荐.我是武汉理工大学经济学院的副教授,从大一时开始带他的课.得知他想要在贵校继续本科学习,我十分支持,因此我写这封推荐信,希望贵校能慎


to whom it may concern: it is my great honour to recommend xxx(你的名字) to you, as she/he was one of my best students in our department. xxx has been attending my english classes in the department of xxx for more than 3 years and the deep

XXX is the most active student in my class. And during each problem solving, she could usually conquer everyone by her very unique and valid presentations. Besides that,

翻译软件翻出来有些句子是很奇怪的,而且有些时候语句是不通顺的.所以最好不要用翻译软件翻译. 或者你老师可以写中文,然后如果你自己有这个能力的话,自己翻译成英文,然后再请老师签字.或者就是自己写好了然后请老师签字.如果不知道推荐信如何写,或者是需要翻译,都可以q我:1073238139

dear sir or madam, we would like to introduce you a brilliant student specializing in world trade of our university.xxx has always been outstanding and positive in his studies and life, this bright star of ours has earned quite a lot of enterprise in his life

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