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活着 英文怎么写

alive、live、living都有“活的、有生命的”意思,与dead意义相反。但live通常只作前置定语,且一般用于动物;alive、living不仅可作定语(alive只能置于名词后;living一般置于名词前,也可置于名词后),也可以作表语。 如: This is a live(=li...

being alive 有不明白的地方再问哟,祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*)

形容词:alive 动词:live 动名词:living

翻译是:It is very tired to live. 解释: very 英[ˈveri] 美[ˈvɛri] adj. 很,非常; 恰好是,正是; 十足的; 特有的; adv. 很,非常; 充分,完全; [例句]She's not very impressed with them 她对他们没什么印象。 tired 英[...

活着 being alive;see the sun;on the hoof;on one's pins更多释义>> [网络短语] 活着 To Live;Alive;Breathing 我活着 I'm alive;I'm still alive;Ich lebe 要活着 Wanna live;Just survive

The daughter is still alive. 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

译文如下:My favorite book to read is alive, its author is Yu Hua, and Yu Hua is the writer who won the most foreign literary prize in China. At first I wanted to read this book because of the introduction of others. When I sta...

live as a queen

Just for living.仅仅为了生活

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