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和笑有关的英语单词 短语

smile 微笑,满意而无声地笑 smile on sb.朝某人微笑 smile bitterly 苦笑 laugh 出声大笑 burst out laughing 放声大笑 fall about laughing [口]忍不住大笑 for laughs [美俚]为了取乐, 作为消遣, 借以开心 get the laugh at sb.(=get the lau...

笑的不同方式 单词: *cackle 意为讨厌地嘎嘎大笑,尤指高声笑。如: They all cackled with delight. 他们都高兴得嘎嘎地笑。 *chuckle 意为轻声笑,尤指想到滑稽事时发笑。如: She chuckled at the memory. 想起这件事她暗自发笑。 *giggle ...

短语类 Phrase class 短语 [词典] [语] (词组) phrase; [例句]这个短语可能翻译自一个阿拉伯语常用表达。 This phrase may well have been a rendering of a popular Arabic expression.

history ['histri] n. 历史,历史学 narrative ['nærətiv] n. 记事,叙事 Herodotus [hə'rɔdətəs] n. 希罗多德 circa ['sə:kə] prep. (拉丁语)大约(简写c., ca., cir., circ., C.) Thucydides [θju...

走:go walk 笑laght at Ridicule Smile

hands were strong, and Garrett felt him applying just enough

academic advanced graduate self-educated tutorial under someone’s tutelage be an education (to/for someone)

the earth, plants, animals, people, forests, rivers, sky, seas,oceans, mountains, birds, pests, beasts, people, farmers, cities, towns, countries, islands, water, crops, flowers, environment, pollute, pollution, destroy, proven...

你好,improve to 、increase、 upgrade、raise、heighten、enhance 希望可以帮到你

Good luck,Best wishes to you,Have a nice/good time,congratulations,Happy birthday to you,Thank you,

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