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anything 梧返:damned 廨辞:anything I tear into my clothes Sacrifice my soul for anything anything I gotta clear this town No sense in hanging around'Cause anything anything anything Is better than this Where can the action be To fill this need in

ゞCould You Do〃

梧返:Avril Lavigne 嶄猟畠兆穐浣隅性略紬 梧爆兆:happy ending

梧爆兆:Everything Anything梧返:Leah Dizon廨辞:SoftlyEverything Anything - Leah Dizon恬簡:Himari Michikawa恬爆:Nao Tanakaずっと棋ち醜がれてた Weekend night互貯る俟の皇強 Feel so good書晩は どこまでもふたりきりDriving佛

込,lucy hale議make you believe 厘断脅階雫浪散,宸倖頁子甲弟議絞並眉:奚将議梧戦中議咄赤 泌惚音頁議三,宸遍梧匆音氏斑低払李議~ 梧簡頁宸劔議:plug in the mic, open the curtains turn on the lights, i'm through rehearsing the feeling


蒸斤頁穐浣隅議ゞmy happy ending〃


艇挫:音賠萱,徽頁挫油議哂猟梧挫謹椿~~~云繁僥哂囂議容呪宸乂杏錬李低嬬浪散. 1、Bubbly--Colbie Caillat(低油狛匯演祥氏掲械浪散議梧); 2、Burning--Maria Arredondo; 3、Happy--洗芦槌 装叟帽; 4、Cry On My Shoulder--竃徭蟻忽

臭啌磐議ゞ委厘低議胆〃哘乎頁低頁everything everything everything eeeee酔公蛍杏:-)

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