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出席 出现英语短语

【出席】用英语词组是: 1)take part in 2)be presented 3)attend (a meeting) 注意attend to 是等于 deal with 是“处理”的意思,而非“出席,参加”之类的

be present at

attend a meeting; take part in a meeting; take a conference; attend a conference; join a meeting;

有很多,比如:带up的出现:come up, turn up, pop up (突然出现), show up 比较正式的出现:emerge, surface (所谓的浮出水面啦) , occur 带贬义色彩的出现:(sth bad) rears its ugly head 有所抬头 Voila, G vide mon sac.

出席 v. attend,be present n. attendance 希望对你有所帮助~~~~望采纳~~~

attendbe presentjointake part in participate inenter intogo in for这些都是出席、参加的意思

be present 将出席be presented 代表出席

take part in (一般的活动)attend(会议,正式的)

您好,以下单词均有“出席”的意思,需要根据不同的情境使用.1. attend2. be present3. appeared 4. attendance 5. presence 6. present oneself 7. sit in on

出席的英文译为attend,attendance,presence,be present,appeared. 拓展资料 attend 1、出席;参加 to be present at an event [VN] The meeting was attended by 90% of shareholders. 90%的股东出席了会议. to attend a wedding/funeral 参加婚

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