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take part in the activity

参加活动用 join in 参加某某组织用join.当作参加讲时join和 take part in是相同的,都表示加入某种组织、政党、俱乐部等团体(join a club.成为俱乐部的会员) 但是用法上,take part in 不可以用被动语态.attend

我们参加很多活动We take part in many activitiesWe have taken part in lots of activities

你好!我想要参加这次活动 i want to take part in the event

take part in the physical activities

join .attend . take part in . assist . be in for都是参加,活动是activity

学生们每天都参加活动 Students take part in the activities every day.

参加娱乐活动.英语:To participate the entertainment activities.

参加 [简明汉英词典]joinattendtake part inassistattendbe in for

attend; join; participatein; to take part in;

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